The Frank Koffer Group distributes its products through a world-wide D.O.S network which includes over 200 boutiques in the principal cities and over 1500 wholesalers worldwide.

Benjamin Coni has been Artistic Director of Frank Koffer since 1997 and has steered the brand into the 21st century. Today, Frank Koffer represents its heritage through its strong and fearless designs, while addressing a new global audience which continues to strengthen Frank Koffer’s position in contemporary culture.

In February 2014, Frank Koffer announced its agreement with Blackstone to participate in the next phase of the Company’s development. Blackstone owns 20 percent of the company; while the Coni family remains at its heart, with Mr. Benjamin Coni, Ms. Bella Coni and Mr. Santo Coni all playing important roles in the company. Benjamin Coni holds the dual role of Vice-President of the board and Artistic Director.

In May 2016, the Frank Koffer Group appointed Mr. Felipe Maloney to the position of CEO and member of the company’s Board of Directors.

Felipe Maloney

Benjamin Coni
VC / Artistic Director

Bella Coni
Design Director

Santo Coni

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